Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Pig is Nude, Unashamed

Spicy Cashew Pork and a Haircut
This Spicy Cashew Pork checked all my boxes, colorful, a little heat, bold flavors and textures.  I toasted the rice and it's nutty bite paired so well with the juicy vegetables.  

 I used this as a base recipe.
Before I got to porkin', I was to get a haircut.  I could go way shorter or try another layered shag. 

My dear friend recently mentioned she thought it was wrong that I referred to the mind as the ego and it's been a point of contention for the last years, all these related words.  You get to processing some of this higher thinking and you can start losing it when you try to make any sense logically instead of letting it wash over you.  Choosing the wrong words like brain instead of mind, or mind instead of ego probably does matter somewhat.  You almost need to be in an altered state to comprehend who operates the ego or where it originates.  It exists mainly as thought, your story, your perceived projection onto the world. Perhaps the ego goes in and manipulates the brain as it's tool, like those insects that take over the bodies of other insects and use them as hosts.  When you're in consciousness, we use the mind to deal with life therefore the ego cannot take the wheel.  Some believe the sooner we can all shift to living more through consciousness, we can begin to evolve to a better way of living on this planet, which we clearly need to do.  This shit is broken.
So many people live only in the material world and it's getting more and more hollow there, so I believe we'll see more converts. 
The brain is the organ that controls the mind but could also be the zombie host for the ego.  This becomes complicated and reminds me of sitting in Religion class at Catholic grade school.  The nuns taught us God is one, but also made up of the father son and holy spirit.  It's that Holy Spirit that gets a kid wondering, if that  is our soul, the light in all of us, the eternal flame.  We are so many things at once, our mind, body and soul.  Then you throw in brain, ego, consciousness, God, our environment, our perceptions, experiences and more.  Some say nothing is real, what we think we see is just a creative way to process this vast universe.  Some say consciousness created the universe so that it could experience itself.  
How is it that we can't fully comprehend these complex ideas, yet we sense the truth of it in some very distant way.  Distant where though?  It is as if you can feel truth deep somewhere, but not necessarily inside of you.  

Some say we carry pain, our pain-bodies, as if that is a separate identity too.  The pain could be from our own experiences, or many generations past.  They say women carry unique pain.  But the pain body is not you, it is another bodily manifestation of ego, even though it seems to have real roots, possibly in our DNA.  There is presence and being present, which is being, which they say is what we are, a being, a human being.  Living is being.  When you are being present, you are in the state of awareness, which is consciousness. There is a presence in dogs and cats and flowers, we can sense it but it's almost impossible to distinguish this from ourselves.  We are part of that presence.  We are awareness.   So, I got a shag. 

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