Sunday, June 12, 2022

So Many Roads to Choose

Baked Tostadas
So, skip the comal or frying each shell one by one in oil.  Instead simply brush the raw corn torillas with oil and top with cheese and meat, in my case beans as well, and arrange on a flat baking sheet in a ripping hot oven, 450 degrees for 9 to 11 minutes.  Your shells will be crisp and toasty, the cheese will have melted and you can then add your cold toppings and serve.  This way, everyone eats at once.  I learned this from the ladies at America's Test Kitchen and am applying it to many Mexican dishes. 
You can do things for decades the same way without questioning. It's humbling to learn a new way, that you didn't even consider before, especially when it's a simple change.   I will always experiment and love the taste of a truly just-fried tortilla or tacos melted and folded stove-top, even steamed torts can be incredible, but this way is definitely more efficient.  
Small changes are in order, for example, I often say, I love this actor or this musician.  A small change is going to be that I now proclaim, I love their music, I love his voice, I love her work, which I always felt must be part of the person. That inside, they surely hold some kind of specialness, unique to them. That could still be true, but it's not always the case.   In previous years, because of all the public shaming, telling biographies, we know the people behind much of this big talent are just like us, all flawed and imperfect, some even bigger assholes or fools.  So it feels more appropriate to differentiate the art from the person even more.  However, I hold on to the hope that the fact that these folks found a way to connect to the muse must show some ability to stand in grace, which is an awareness that we all have but don't always utilize.  Perhaps for some it's not enough to flow into their day to day lives.  

Breakfast Burrito Scramble with Ham

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