Thursday, June 30, 2022

Joy to the Fishes is the Deep Blue Sea

When you see frozen peas and carrots and seized up polenta on the plate, you might assume it was one of those days.  Those days when admittedly, you're not feeling life, but you go on, you keep moving, you plow ahead as it were.  Life doesn't stop just because you don't want to participate.  Wouldn't it be cool if we could, put the world around us on pause?  Stopping to breathe and regain composure, maybe take a long nap before rejoining the day.  I made the most vibrant gorgeous chimichurri but instead of slathering it on the meat after grilling, I decided to marinate a thin pork steak beforehand.  It was very flavorful but visually, it would be much better to salt and pepper, get good grill marks, and then put the bright green sauce on top.  You don't want to rob yourself of that vitality on a plate.  One must savor each green moment of summer.  And yes, I know how to make a very creamy Polenta but I find corn meal to be very versatile. Calorie wise, if you leave off 3/4's of that fat, you still get amazing corny taste while making a mush.  It becomes a different rustic side, especially if you replace the butter, cream and extra cheese with garlic, cayenne and chicken stock.  You can also still drizzle with olive oil.  
The day turned out to be thoughtful and filled with fun visuals.  I saw my buddies the fish, swimming together in clusters and jumping out of the water.  They are small right now and tend to stay around the docks to feed around the Red Hook Basin.  I like to ride around the docks before work to feed my mental health, breathe deep and pause at least my thoughts for as long as possible. 

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