Thursday, June 9, 2022

We Gotta Get Out of this Place, If It's the Last Thing We Ever Do

We are so affected by media, even when simply scrolling through your phone for a short time.  We absorb so many thought pathways, roads of information to consider, explore but many times fear.  Which makes me wonder, why do we keep doing this????!!!  What could possibly be worth sifting through all this mental muck when seldom there are stories that bring beneficial news.  It's a lot of tales that leave you completely uneasy and stressed out.  We're already so jittery by what is true or what we perceive to be true in our real world.  I should be informed, lest it affects me in some way, that's how I justify it but really, the best days are internet free.  Most threats I can do little about anyway. Bad news will be constantly regurgitated so even taking days off from the news, you never really miss anything.  If it's bad enough we'll hear about it regardless of the medium, over and over.

Fear mongering?  A lot of new and second time around COVID going on right now.  Monkeypox is now some sort of state of public health emergency here in New York as of 8/2/22.  Gay Men and also men who have sex with men are the main targets.  Wait, for one, did I miss a new scategory?  Isn't that the same man?  But they go on to stress that anyone can get it and it's spread with prolonged skin to skin contact but unsure if it's sexually transmittable. I don't quite get it, but that's going to be some cause of discussion in straight households I'll betcha.   

Italian Meatloaf - America's Test Kitchen Recipe
Back in the physical world, rave reviews were received for this Italian Meatloaf effort!  Julia Collin Davidson is a hero, along with her cohort, Bridget Lancaster of America's Test Kitchen and Cook's Country.  Especially with old recipes, they have reworked every step to perfect the process and the end results.  They changed my life with their Crunchy Shrimp Taco method.  Meatloaf is good, but this was great!
On my grill pan, I toasted a corn tortilla, and topped with leftover sauteed vegetables, and added a poached egg to make yet another incredible personal breakfast tostada.  These are cook's secret moments when you create a little something just for yourself, quickly and using leftovers in your kitchen.  

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