Tuesday, June 14, 2022

No You're Never Gonna Get It

One Pan Pork and Cauliflower
Ground pork with a slightly sweet and spicy sauce can really add excitement to riced cauliflower. If you're in the one pot club, then this recipe is great for a light, easy dinner from Eatwell101.com  I used ground pork instead of turkey for a change of pace.  

I was noticing that trying to be more conscious is like wearing braces on your teeth.  At first I likened it to training wheels but that's not right.  It's nothing you'll ever achieve but it's in each minute of the day, where you could steer wrong but instead must quickly auto-correct your actions and thinking.  You can't get it right in any finished way but its important that you allow the braces, meaning the practice of staying in the moment, to do it's thing.  
Bad thoughts, negativity, the brain is that pushy obnoxious friend that has keys to your apartment.  She's there all the time and is relentless.  
What she doesn't know about life is a lot.  Poor little thing.  

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