Saturday, June 25, 2022

Burnin' Down the House

Do You Home Pizza? 
Home pizza'ing, admittedly is not always a slam dunk, although enjoyable regardless.  Taking some shortcuts and making a quick treat is such a delicacy.  This needed more baking time and a couple of minutes under the broiler to be camera worthy.  A pack of flatbread from my corner store were screaming to be topped with pepperoni and mushrooms.  How could I not?  I made a quick sauce from a spiced up, garlicky tomato paste, onions and oregano to spread on bottom.  I baked them at 450, but you really need that screaming hot oven temperature and I'm always a bit scared to turn that baby up to it's limit in this tiny apartment.  I foresee news headlines, Girl...Old woman, burns down building in a botched attempt to make homemade pizza. I see me standing in front, shaking my head as my entire life goes up in flames.  Still, it pains me to look at these pictures and see the difference that 2-3 minutes could have made under that broiler or a 50 degrees higher temperature on that oven.  Just another reason to get it right the next time. 

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