Friday, June 17, 2022

Time Don't Fly, It Bounds and Leaps

Life, or as Eckhart Tolle puts it, our life situation, can be very hard to swallow from time to time.  Sometimes nothing is particularly wrong, you just feel anxious or uneasy.  Adults need to make more parties to remember that even though its so difficult and the days beat us up, this is our one life we're living right now.  We're not waiting to begin living when we get the perfect job, or meet the right friend, or move to a new house.  We have to work with what is here now.  A nacho bar creates its own festive environment especially when you have fresh hot sauces and take a little time to highlight a summer fruit.  I made a chipotle roasted tomato hot sauce, a fresh tomatillo and green apple jalapeno salsa and a pineapple pico de gallo.  I put out a bowl of crumbled spiced ground turkey for toppers on the cheesy plain nachos.  

The opposite and maybe just as much of a challenge as thinking too much is wrestling with COVID brain, a new recurring condition some of us struggle with.  I often walk around like a zombie for hours, unable to form thoughts, bad or good.  I'm blank.  I hear fine, I can read but it doesn't get absorbed.  I notice after a couple of rounds of the virus, and long COVID my pea brain has slight damage.  Whatever your challenge, a jovial nacho spread is sure to ease your pain.  

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