Tuesday, June 7, 2022

It's Not Right, But it's Okay

Chicken and Rice
Dump Casserole
I'm an advocate for dump casseroles but feel they are in serious need of a sexier name.   The word dump doesn't get me hot for dinner.  This is a challenge to come up with new branding for this pretty incredible method of throwing ingredients in a pot.   Any chicken and rice flavor combination works with this template.  It's time saving and so incredibly satisfying.  Brown the chicken in oil for 3-5 minutes on each side.  This is the part where you can do extra steps or simply dump in stock, cut up vegetables and uncooked rice (3/4 cup), bring to a boil and then stick in oven for an hour or so and then let sit covered on stove for an extra 10-20 minutes before removing the lid. 
The extra steps consist of taking out the chicken, setting aside, cooking your vegetables and browning the rice in the chicken fat along with garlic and any other spices you'd like to bloom.  Then, deglaze with your stock, tomatoes, wine, beer, or water.  Add back the chicken on top, bring to a boil and stick in oven with tight fitting lid for an hour.  I found it's best to let this rest and...
....It's a bit of a miracle when you lift that lid and find a gorgeous pot of deliciousness.  The vegetables lock in their juiciness and the rice absorbs all of the combined goodness. I am trying this entirely stove top today and will report results.  No one wants to turn on that stove in this summer's heat. 
Dump:  to toss, fling, cast, chuck, ditch.  Mainly you make these recipes in a heavy Dutch oven.....so, Dutch Ditch?  That's not much better.  Dinner Fling?  That's a little more appealing. 

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