Monday, July 4, 2022

It's Wake Up Time, Time to Get Going

4th of July after work party 
After riding home in the heat and seeing families barbecuing in the parks and in yards along the way, I wanted to create a small spread that felt as close to an outdoor picnic, even though it was getting dark and we were stuffed inside a tiny apartment.  I made chili dogs on my cast iron grill pan and toasted the sweet brioche buns.  I balled the watermelon, which somehow makes it pop in your mouth differently, the juice bursts.  I made a fresh frozen strawberry shake, chips and dips.  Together, it was enough of a holiday vibe to celebrate but we doubled down and for some reason ended up singing Tom Petty songs while P played on guitar, which I had no business participating in, but could not resist this new tradition.  The 4th became a bittersweet holiday after my brother passed a couple of days before a few years ago, but because of that, its also more sacred.  Sometimes you celebrate life for the ones that didn't have enough time to do everything they wanted.  My brother lived circles around my meager little life.  He left a big beautiful, loved family and I don't even have a cat, so I feel a bit of obligation not to squander precious time. 
My beautiful brother with his lovely wife 

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