Monday, July 11, 2022

Try to See it My Way

Mexican Stuffed Peppers over Rice

Stuffed peppers are always satisfying and a surprisingly good idea for lunch box meals, as they are self contained lunches on their own.  They are easily microwaveable and just enough to not weigh you down. This is one of those recipes where you can do extra steps to make them super special or dumb it down to make a meal in a hurry, like I did here.  I didn't blanch the peppers first, just let them bake longer on lower temperature, 350.  I made a spicy bean and meat mixture that included tomatoes instead of making a separate sauce.  I used sharp cheddar and they were awesome!  I love the taste of a roasted soft pepper.  Instead of the rice inside, I served them atop a bed of Mexican Rice.  That saves time as you can make the rice while the peppers are baking and not beforehand. 

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