Wednesday, July 6, 2022

You Were Above Me, But Not Today

Don't you feel like sunflowers can see you? I'm almost positive they judge us humans. Clearly they are a cooler entity. But in the previous years I've really learned to appreciate the striking beauty of these giant flowers.

Crusted Lemon Chicken with Chick peas
This was one of those days off when cooking was no effort at all.  I popped out some cheesey scrambled eggs with crispy potatoes for breakfast and then made a bunch of Mustardy Turkey Smash Burgers for lunch box meals and for dinner I did a crusty Lemon Chicken sheet pan.  I coated the lot in a little corn flour, turmeric, cumin, smoked Paprika, salt and pepper. Drizzled olive oil and lemon on top and baked for 40 minutes on 425.   The coating on the chick peas absorbs some of that chicken fat and makes them super savory.  
Super huge snake found in my sis's yard in Colorado while gardening
Mustard Turkey Smash Burgers 

Cheesy eggs with crispy small 'potatuhs' made on grill pan

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