Tuesday, July 12, 2022

Oooh Baby Do you Know What That's Worth?

Chicken Dinner
This was reminiscent of dinners served on TV trays sitting and watching the daily highlights of All My Children back in the early nineties with my friend Nick in San Francsisco atop the Haight Street hill apartment we called Wildwinds.  We had a unique apartment built on stilts with a vast living room that he painted in primary colors.  It was like a giant Mondrian painting. Compared to all the tiny studio apartments I lived in, this place was massive, as was his big screen TV.  I have no memory of that kitchen, in fact, I don't think I once considered stepping into that room if only to grab a cold beer from the fridge.  Nick was an excellent cook and I could sit back and be served on many occasions.  He made a fried chicken that I still dream about.  I do have a memory of watching him turn those pieces in the bubbling oil as we nodded in agreement that his chicken was on point.  I believe he served them with buttery mashed potatoes and oven biscuits but I may be mixing food memories.  There is something perfectly honest about a good chicken dinner.  Good times with friends is heaven on earth. 
Baked mock fried Chicken with roasted potatoes and mixed salad

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