Friday, January 28, 2022

No Reply at All

There is a calm magic in nighttime snow.  People that don't appreciate the dark elegance of winter are missing out.  Snow changes your hearing and depth perception.  It feels like you are walking in a bubble of time and space all your own.  Like you've been microdosed with a hyper awareness of your body.  The squish of white powder beneath your heavy snow boots, your breathing, and movements are keener.  All the while remembering what it feels like to be an animal in the world, walking in the elements.  At least this is my experience. 

I prowled home as it promised to turn into a bombogenesis overnight or into the next day.  At one point 3 delivery drivers showed up to the same building at once almost causing a wreck as everyone was hunkering down, preparing for the worst, ordering supplies. 

I prepared Homemade Shake and Bake Chicken Thighs with wedge fries and garlicky kale that night.  The next morning I anticipated a glorious snow day off from work.  However, the masterminds in charge failed to give an update on our store opening.  Finally, after most were already due to start, we got a text alert, at first only delaying store opening until noon and then until 3pm, but with a cryptic note saying they needed to hard close by 8pm, which is not a full shift, leaving most unsure what to do.   It's a shame what has become of good leadership.  It's such a rare trait.  All I know is I had decided much earlier to stay and was only tracking the commutes of my coworkers, trying to discourage anyone coming from further out.  Furthermore, I figured whoever came for their kitchen planning appointment was clearly out of their mind.  And wouldn't you know it, a livid Karen did manage to make it in this dangerous storm only to find the doors closed. She showed up at store opening the next day demanding an apology. 

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