Thursday, January 13, 2022

Don't Let Me Down

Loaded Baked Potatoes Two Ways
Two ways and neither was just right. Your hands don't do what your mind tell them to always.  Like in this case, I only wanted to top one potato with pesto, the other with a Ranched up yogurt and then before I knew it I'd nervously snowed green onions on the whole lot.  The look of a finished dish is as important as the taste.  I get nervous to plate when I haven't worked it all out in my head beforehand.  But a bigger sin is to allow food to grow cold, so I hustle to serve it.  This is when mistakes are made.  
Ground turkey, tomatoes, Feta, Brussels sprouts and sweet onions baked on a tray beforehand for one potato.  The other I topped with mushrooms and spinach sauteed in good olive oil and a ton of garlic cloves.  If nothing else, hopefully this inspires you to get topping your potato with desired choices.  

Preparing baked potatoes is ritualistic.  Splitting it down the middle, then fluffing it's soft white innards before swirling in a pat of butter, then seasoning with salt and pepper like powdering a baby's behind. It was right then, I knew I should have mixed in the yogurt but I didn't, and that got me flustered.  Another example of not being capable in the instant it is required.  Ensuring all the party-goers on top were properly rationed became the priority.  Its always helpful to serve a tiny bar of extra garnishes, lest ye be left alone with the sprawling spud's remains.  None of this matters all that much in the end, but it is still surprising how despite best intentions, you can still get it all wrong. 

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