Wednesday, January 12, 2022

It's Been a Long, Cold Lonely Winter

Morning Impossible Omelette
Morning's are impossible, like this fake meat in my eggs.  We fall asleep every night, (another equally freakish, alien wonder that we just accept) and then suddenly, we pop out of this temporary hibernation, whilst the sun is also rising. Just as the coffee maker starts dripping at the click of a switch, we also begin talking and moving around seconds after this miracle occurs.  Soon we're doing, like reading or dressing with no self awareness of how strange the process looks.  If there were cameras in the bedroom, it might be fascinating to watch this rising, the moments right before our eyes open, as a reminder that science as amazing as it is, doesn't hold a candle to this incredible daily happening, that we can perform, simply by being born.   It's poetic and magical, a phenomenal occurrence.  

Granted, some days, it doesn't feel so amazing.  Your mind fills with dread and negativity, upon awaking or your body feels lifeless and sickly.  You don't welcome the light into the room, but think to close the curtains and stay in the safeness of darkness.  My mom passed on this day 4 years ago and I won't know what she was thinking before her last breath because she struggled so long with dementia, but my nieces made sure she was surrounded by love and music, so I like to think she felt content.  It's a cosmic handout that we never know when it's over.  It will just end as miraculously as it began.  But death should remind us all to be grateful even for the bad days, because they were spent above ground, giving us more time to figure out what the hell we're doing here.   
Breaking the food fast, helps with any reluctance to enter a new day.  Most of the time we eat cereal or a bar but on those days when you awake ravenous, it's great to eat a 3-egg omelet with mushrooms and spinach, pesto and cheese,  In this case, some impossible meat was added, with fried potatoes on the side.  

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