Thursday, January 6, 2022

I Dig a Pony

Another successful trip to the Turkish feeding grounds across the street.  This time, it was even more satisfying and the process was as smooth as getting a pack of cigarettes.  We don't often get take-out, as cooking is now a form of entertainment, so when we do, it feels extra special and rewarding.  
Chicken Adana Kebab lunch combo from Deniz Restaurant
We sat with a weird, long ass flu, right before I was to get boosted.  Then wondered whether it was still necessary.  If this was Omicron we might actually have better immunity and could wait past spring to get it, when the options may change again.  For those of us that are heavily saturated in the public, and who will most likely become sick more often, it's good to consider how to pace some of these shots going into our bodies.  There was confusing information about the boosters for folks like me who have been vaccinated but also had the virus twice and long haul. These ongoing symptoms are freaking me out and I try to ignore them but some are impossible.  I don't want my body to be stressed out any more than necessary because any little bug seems to throw it into a Frankenstein tizzy.  There is still so much we don't know about the virus and the vaccines, what this long haul is and how they all affect each other.  

So, I for one want all pertinent information to be available to me.  Not whacked out right wing conspiracy nut jobs, no.  But yes, from doctors and scientists that feel passionate enough to speak about concerns or corruption that could be influencing bad decisions, and who are not driven by monetary gain or big pharma.  All I want to do is listen.
I do not own this video - just sharing 

I have been listening to Joe Rogan for years and love what he created, the hours long Podcast to discuss complicated subjects, not always serious, but sometimes.  He's introduced me to many cool scientists that have a new way of explaining big concepts that I enjoy like AI, and he also hosted many of my favorite Ufologists.  I love all the comedians, since comedy is gold during the pandemic.  Rogan himself, is a guy's guy,  not a lot there for a gal like me to relate to, but nonetheless, what I find interesting, is what he finds interesting.  The general premise of sitting and talking unscripted with a good conversationalist feels like the modern version of my Midwestern winter, paneled basement discussions, way back, talking for hours, getting stoned, maybe bringing out the whiskey late. I loved doing that. It feels new and familiar both.  A respectable format to discover truths and bounce off ideas.  When Rogan moved to Spotify and became so popular, I'm sure he knew his freedoms would be squashed sooner than later.  Even though it was predictable,  I wish we could find healthier ways to address our differences. 

One of the guys I was introduced to on Joe's podcast is Sam Harris.  I disagree with him on some issues but always love hearing why he believes what he does.  I also like to hear him paired against others that challenge his opinion to remember what civilized discussion sounds like.  Don't you miss that?  Harris makes some important points and without hatred or trying to take anyone down here in this video about the current Joe Rogan/ Spotify fiasco.  

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