Tuesday, January 4, 2022

Deniz Doo-Be-Doo, I'm in Love with You

Did you ever have a neighborhood restaurant that for whatever reason, you just couldn't bring yourself to try, even while desperate for new cuisine?  Deniz Restaurant and Bar was that place for me.  Located right across the street on the corner.  For a decade plus, it just wasn't the chosen option for no particular reason.  Then came the pandemic and loss of so many local spots, so, on this day I took the chance and ordered their lunch option.  We were both home sick with what we were sure was Omicron, flu like symptoms, sudden mysterious rashes, another leg spasm episode, etc.  And here comes gorgeous, in the form of Turkish and Mediterranean food. A little CoV2 variant isn't enough to keep this girl's appetite down. 
I got the Kofte Kebab - Char-grilled ground lamb seasoned with onion, parsley and herb over rice and salad. With that also came warm bread and tabule, and sauces.  I love a place that gives good condiment!

I ordered P the Chicken Kebab with the creamiest chicken soup!
After two negative tests later, we had to assume it was the flu. 

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