Sunday, January 23, 2022

But Listen to the Colour of Your Dreams

Roasting Pan Dinner with Mexican Rice
So after a solid two years of sheet pan dinners, I wanted to see if it made any difference to roast in a deeper pan allowing the vegetables to preserve some of their natural juices and also to roast items like mushrooms without them getting dried up.  This method teeters between roasting and baking.  There is enough of a flavor and texture difference that its worth changing up now and again. It's much simpler to season and oil in the higher pan as well as build a pool of juices.  

Alison Roman, my current chef crush, said she invented her Dilly Bean Stew recipe first by the name, because it sounded so tasty, she commenced to actualize it. I love that concept for inspiration as I often cook based on thoughts or colors that sound delicious, like reds and oranges and often crave vegetables that offer the vitamins I lack.  

I'm nursing an idea using roasted red bell peppers that I hope to bring into being sometime soon, like Roman.  They are unusually delicious roasted (like most peppers), do not break the bank and provide more vitamin C than an orange.  

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