Saturday, January 22, 2022

Doctor Robert(a)

I recall back in the 80's when some company began selling fresh Ready-to-Bake pizza. It felt like the invention of the wheel, a fabulous idea!  It wasn't until later, we realized that our ovens didn't get hot enough to truly get that fire roasted crunchy crust going, or the crusty pepperoni unless you broiled it for a few minutes.  But we were much younger than and naive to the world of cuisine.  Pizzas were still unicorns as far as I was concerned.
Now, we're making our own pizza doughs, sauce and creations.  I'm not even sure why this was so much more impressive than frozen at the time.  
 P brought home a ready-to-bake Margharita pizza from a local Brooklyn shop that sells them at Whole Foods.  I doctored it up with turkey pepperoni and more cheese.  Is buying a premade ready-to-bake pizza worth it in 2022?  It's about two thirds the price of a real Not Ray's pizza I could get in the neighborhood.  I had to add my own toppings to call it dinner.  It was tiny but enough for two people.  The pleasure of pulling it out of the oven and serving it piping hot was a big plus.  It came with the sauce, which sometimes is a drag to make even though its stupid easy.  It's a better unprocessed dough than a frozen. Final answer is, yes.  
Any extra little help to live your life right now is warranted, given it doesn't ruin your health, liver or relationship.

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