Wednesday, December 1, 2021

It's a Lonesome Old Town

Ground Turkey Noodle Tettrazini
Ideas are born out of necessity.  This started from wanting to use up a leftover half bag of egg noodles.  A warm, creamy dinner felt necessary in order to beat the winter blahs, even though it's not even winter yet.  I whipped up a pot of Pantry Turkey Tettrazini using ground turkey, sour cream and the flavor packet from Annie's boxed mac and cheese.  If you want a real one, use this recipe.  I take shortcuts because I like one pot meals.  I cooked the noodles in the sauce with a lid.  I just tempered the sour cream with a little of the sauce, a package of frozen peas and carrots went in, lots of fresh cracked pepper and dinner was served.  I didn't bake mine or douse it with Panko, only Parmesan but that would be amazing if you have the time.  I was starved, so the stove-top method proved good enough for that night. 
That's sort of the theme of the month, 'good enough'.  Somehow your best isn't necessary right now. It's like the universe has called a moratorium on rules, self inflicted or societal.  You do what you can and that is just fine and in many ways, more than enough.  We're working with what we have and in some cases, it ain't much.  That could be food, patience, energy, money or simply give-a-shits.  People are tired and now that the sun is fading and the season is ready to kick in, it feels best to just hunker down and embrace the thinking that if you're fed and breathing, then you're okay right now.  

This meal lives somewhere between good enough and good eats. 

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