Wednesday, December 15, 2021

You Gave Me Loving in the Palm of My Hand

the ominous new structure going up in Downtown Brooklyn
Went to see Licorice Pizza at Alamo Drafthouse Theater in Brooklyn.  What a treat, for so many reasons.  One, to get out and enjoy a public space was rare but since it was not crowded and everyone booked their seats far away from each other, it felt relatively safe.   The Paul Thomas Anderson film put you right there in another world, which is something well worth the major bucks you pay to 'get away' these days.  I loved the movie, although other than the pains of first love, I couldn't quite tell you what it was about, but I did enjoy all of it.  I couldn't take my eyes off Haim, who was so surprisingly mesmerizing. You can't do wrong by anything 70's related, as it is my favorite decade and I lived that age, at that time.  
Food-wise, it is a culinary adventure to order by description and never set eyes on the plate, other than low light glimpses. Your taste buds must decipher all the nuances and detect ingredients.  This is a huge part of the Drafthouse experience.  P likes to start with beer and end with coffee.  I went straight for the loaded fries, followed by the Angry Pepperoni and ended with the Holiday Special cookies.  The food offerings here are special and sometimes made especially for the movie.  Angry Pepperoni Pizza?!  That's a dream combo made by an angry wizard.  

The cookies are freshly baked and so warm when they bring them out that you have to let them cool off.  They have the crispy hard edges, and the soft slightly salty gooey chocolaty center that you crave in a freshly baked cookie.  

That coupled with the pulling of the mystery fries that would either come with bits of bacon, cheese sauce, green onions, jalapeno or nothing at all, like a game of drawing straws.  The beauty of this game is that the random crispy naked fry is a welcomed treat when mixed with all of these incredible flavors. 

It's too expensive to do this much anymore, but when Let Me Roll It blasted out of those speakers in a key scene and the guitar part echoed across that big room and the director allowed the song to play out longer, I thought I just might pay anything to feel that alive again. 

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