Sunday, December 19, 2021

Surry Down to a Stoned Soul Picnic

Spaghetti Squash Puttanesca
Puttenesca - Being or served with a pungent sauce of tomatoes, olives, garlic, anchovies, capers, and hot chili pepper.
If the sound of the above description gets you hot in any way, and you haven't yet, then you really must, get right to trying this sauce.  If you're someone that thinks adding ground meat, in this case, turkey makes it even more satisfying, then do that.  If you're more evolved and don't eat meat, even better, leave it.  It's good enough just finished with a good olive oil and doesn't need it.  Use your pasta of choice, but I will say roasted spaghetti squash dressed with Parmesan cheese salt and pepper is the perfect vessel. This succulent vegetable invites the tangy sauce in like an old buddy.  

The giant boat, more a ship, will feed 6 people easily, or in our case, we each get 3 refills.  The squash is great for packed lunches and the spaghetti strands freeze well for future use. 

Remember when we could invite people in and have guests and hold small get-together's, easily without the fear of someone potentially getting violently ill?  Seems like eons ago.  In trying to accept what is, I still like to throw little happenings in our living room with candles, good snacks or a special meal.  Maybe we watch a better than usual movie or documentary.  Other times we'll read from books, short stories and then talk about them afterwords, which is a favorite of mine.  This year P sat and learned some songs and we took turns singing.  Have you truly took in some of the lyrics of say a Christmas standard like, Oh Holy Night?  My God, 'fall on your knees, Oh hear the angel's voices', or 'until He appears and the soul felt it's worth'.  That bring real feels to your heart as you sing.  That's what we've been missing, real feels.  I realized then,  this is an effective way to replenish the soul.  Phones and computers down, and without sounding like a smelly hippie, acknowledging someone's presence in all the physical ways we used to do more regularly is medicinal.  Looking at someone in the eyes while they speak, listening only to them (not while also trying to read an article or write a text), sharing in some activity together, is incredible.  We all need this and isolation can do a number on those needs.  I get this same concentrated presence while on my bike alone, so its more about acknowledging the presence of a giant connected force or power source that we all share, I believe. I've never been an athletic person but the giant dose of aliveness I feel, how it shuts off mind loops and forces me to be present, and that in turn allows streams of positive verve to come in. This is how we should strive to remain, always. 

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