Friday, December 10, 2021

Bow Down to a (Figgah) That is Greater Than You

BBQ ribs and Jerk Chicken from Mo's and Wild Boar
Oh that I could truly describe the extraordinary jerk chicken flavors from Wild Boar.  I get verklempt, to use a Yiddish word.  Maybe the first time you actually heard your favorite lyrics to an amazing song and it rang out and bloomed inside your head and you were bowled over by it.  That is the only way I can explain this magic chicken.  We've had lots of jerk here in Brooklyn, and it was really good. I've tried to make it but without a grill, you really can't duplicate it in the oven.  This is twenty times better than any of that.  The BBQ ribs are nothing to scoff at either.  The sides, are special, again so much extra than your average coleslaw and potato salad.  Someone, a stranger food god or goddess is behind all of this and I worship them in silence from afar, or at least from a half a block away.  Whoever you are, I bow down.

My sister's view this morning from her back yard in Colorado

Walking the neighborhood, it was cool to see everyone's take on outdoor winter dining enclosures.  So many try to keep an open feel as being inside enclosed warm spaces now feels more like giant petri dishes.  

We also went to Fort Greene Park to bow down to these incredible tree giants that become even more animated and visible when they lose all of their colorful summer clothes. 

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