Sunday, December 26, 2021

You Can Do Magic

Ham and Eggs 
There are tons of ways to eat breakfast and you normally appreciate it whether it's mind boggling or just good enough.   But there is something about a real ham slice from a recently baked shank, that has the glazed bits on the edges with soft poached eggs together, that is irresistible.  The eggs, so delicate and pure, the cream dripping down onto that salty meat.  Couple all of that with some toasted up corn meal mash, pico de gallo and fresh avocado and you have yourself a genuine post holiday extravaganza that rivals any morning meal without cheese, that I can think of. 

Then, if you've cooked for the holidays, you most likely have some leftover onions, carrots, celery and herbs in the fridge losing their shine, so why not put it all in the crock with beans for a kick-ass soup to enjoy later or for lunches?  Actually, there is no reason not to do this, other than the fact that you already have a ton of food to eat in the fridge.  But the Food Monkey suggests freezing this for future meals in January.  No food will be left behind.  In those cold heartless, grey months, you will be so much more impressed by the built in magic that this leftover bone gives to the soup. 

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