Thursday, December 30, 2021

Let Your Body Find, Freedom in Your Stride, Love Peace of Mind

Take advantage of these pre-made fresh pastas for nights when you can't be bothered.  They can be jhuzzed up to rival good take out, at the least.  Here I made a quick canned whole tomato sauce with mushrooms, zucchini, sweet onions and ground turkey.  Because they are delicate, I wouldn't roll them in the sauce beforehand.  Plus, there is something to leaving the little pillows undressed and peaking out, their sacks filled with warm welcoming mushrooms and cheese.  
I packed leftovers for lunch the next day and quietly ate them while listening to the roar of the staff cafeteria conversations. I can in the same breath feel so happily content, reveling in my allotted solitude, amidst the welcomed chaos.  I truly appreciate the laughter and liveliness.  At the same time, I admit I do fight back slight disgust of the boorish behavior of some, entertaining as they are.  Some people's idea of a break are clearly varied.  I'd say, too many, choose to FaceTime with their families, hellbent on focusing on unimportant details, which by itself sounds endearing, young mothers connecting with their children.  But on speaker and of course full blast, you're less enamored with this ridiculous non-conversation.  And without fail there is always a baby screaming at the top of their lungs in the background non-stop as the older child strains to be heard, leaving only an ocean of Huh??'s on both ends until they finally no longer require an answer.  
I am taking my cue from the elderly Asian man that calmly eats his meal, sets the empty plastic container aside before shutting his eyes while sitting up straight and somehow reaches a meditative state by the looks of his peaceful, relaxed expression and manages to ride out his remaining minutes as if he's surrounded by green grass, sunshine, butterflies and blue skies.  

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