Thursday, December 23, 2021

Vi Que Tu Mirada Ya Estaba Llamandome

I'm writing this weeks later, so I sort of know the outcome but this was is in the main uphill ride of the Omicron media train.  What the information will bring, no one knew.  From what I had read so far, I felt more apt to get the damn thing then do a booster but only because I see so many shots in my future.  Plus, surely my busy international, retail environment has my number written on it somewhere, especially for this particular virus that is so easily spread and Fauci says is coming for all of us.  If the effects are not that bad, and I can possibly get super immunity, then that sounded like my best plan.  
For people that are trying not to miss more work, the booster is a bit of a risk.  I've seen people get taken down a few days off it's reaction.  If you get the virus, your job and the law doesn't allow you to come in so sick days are automatically granted. No one wants you near them, so it's guilt free and that is a huge relief.  Some of us have to look at what makes more sense overall.  Also, looking forward to other countries, a 3rd and 4th full shot is coming for big cities, most likely.
An early Christmas gift from my niece of fruits, nuts and cheese.  I'm someone who loves a good gift basket!

At some point, it becomes where it's not healthy to keep up with the information or you'll go mad.  But just when I felt settled in my decision, almost as if my subconscious mind wrote the article, I was reminded that no one knows what these new viruses will do with pre-existing Long-Covid.  Again, the universe writing horror stories worse than you can muster.
Before Omicron reeked havoc on my department at work, a coworker got a huge tip and decided to buy us all lunch from the Puerto Rican restaurant.  I had the pork chops (two came with the dinner!), vegetables, saucy beans and a huge vat of white rice.  It had a very home-cooked feel, which I remember about the other Puerto Rican food I tried years ago.  It's neither spicy nor pepper hot, just very well seasoned good food.  I'm sure this dish is not the most accurate representation of the style, but I loved it.  The sauce on the beans mixed with that plain rice was a meal in itself and so delicious. Completely different to Mexican pinto beans.   The pork chops tasted like someone's grandma made them, that sincerely loves you.  

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