Tuesday, December 7, 2021

It's Good to Be King

Roasting Pan Dinner 
I slightly switched up my sheet pan game by using a deep roasting pan to see if I could still achieve the color on the meatballs while retaining the juice in the mushrooms and onions.  The answer is yes and if you're inclined, you could make a little sauce with the drippings.  The recipe is anything you like on a tray, at 450 degrees, for 20-25 minutes. 
Roasted Vegetables over Quinoa

This morning a NY Toasted Everything bagel, from La Bagel Delight, christened a new record producing project for this food monkey.  For years I've heard my mate sing and play, record his solo records while giving support but not as much input.  I bit my tongue when I had creative ideas because as far as music goes, that can be tricky to get inside someone's head while they are actively forming the songs.  I've respected his process but this time, just couldn't help myself.  On a friendly neighborhood walk I confronted that process and challenged him with another way.  So, this time, with a grouping of what I feel are highly worthy songs, I'll attempt to direct and produce what I hope is a more palatable plate of offerings to the best of my limited abilities.  
I've always felt myself a wannabe Jimmy Iovine throughout time.  We share working class, Catholic sensibilities mixed with the love of music from the heart.  I'd see things in artists that were good but I felt they could be great with slight tweaks and turns of the knobs, or in many cases, better lyrics.  Of course, this all happened in my head but it never felt less real to me despite any proof.  
Jimina Iovine, if you will
With this man, I believe his lyrics are the true jewels and I've always thought, boy I'd love to hear him sing them slightly softer while enunciating the words so that you aren't working so hard to get what he's laying out there.  Not so drunken-Merle sounding.  Instead of less cowbell, I've asked for less cowboy.  It's simple logic but getting it through 20 inches of thick head-wall is a true feat, especially as I give it with the bedside manner of a rough Italian New Yorker, I'm sure.  I'm not great at sugar coating but in return I've given as much honest feedback as the relationship can withstand.  We'll see how it goes but I feel it's making lemonade out of this pinche pandemic period.  Something good needs to come out of all this pain.   Several friends and family are doing their best to produce assorted creative works and in that way, it's a very exciting time.   It will be very interesting in 15-20 years to look back and hear and see what it was like, when we were all living through this tough time. 


  1. That's why I never want to listen to demos from my friends. I don't want to hurt their feelings but I also want to be extremely honest and that's a hard thing to do

  2. Well, being extremely honest is easy to do.
    Most of the time people really don't want to know your honest opinion, they just want you to agree with theirs. Oops. 😁

  3. Ha, ha - yeah, that is so true. We're all so desperate to know what other's think but then when it's not what we want to hear, it's another story. The worst thing is when no one gives a shit one way or another. So, thank you for reading this silly blog, my friend. Hey Merry Christmas too!

  4. Are there any songs from P online? Btw, Happy New Year!

    1. Hi! Thanks for reading! We're still 'in production' but there are lots under different nome de plumes. I'll send you something when I can share. Hopey is possibly doing the cover art. Happy New Year btw!


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