Saturday, December 18, 2021

Even Though He's Hard to Understand

Sometimes its hard to be a patient woman, in a relationship, with a man that does things that you don't understand.  I won't bore you with how I send this stranger to get zucchini for dinner and he comes back claiming they had none and later that he doesn't know what it looks like.  I won't bother showing you the little note I made, stating it looks just like a cucumber because that's where I'm at in this.  And it pains me to know that if any of the three markets were out of nearly every vegetable, which they have never been, you could always count on them having zucchini.   I won't go on about him buying two ginormous spaghetti squash, saying he remembered I said something about it also being called squash. 
So when he came back with bell peppers and tomatoes at least, I chose to roll with it and stuff those with tiny meatballs and quinoa, parsley, corn and black beans. 

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