Sunday, November 28, 2021

You Gave Me More Joy Than I Ever Dreamed Of

Turkey Noodle Soup
I think I look forward to the leftover turkey dishes even more than the big day itself now.  That blessed turkey bird gives more than it could ever know.  I honor him by using every last bit.  Turkey noodle soup made with homemade turkey stock and egg noodles is about the best thing out there.  You live a little, learn a little, so now I buy extra carrots, celery, herbs so that I have those foundation elements to build these delicious day after dishes.  I also added frozen leaf spinach, mushrooms and plenty of shredded turkey. 

The site of this full pot brings seasonal joy!
The holidays can also bring heaviness to your heart so it's important to keep it in the present and be grateful for the small things like soup stock and silky noodles. 
Not the best photos but for breakfast I attempted a Thanksgiving Eggs Benedict using my cornbread base, and gravy as the sauce.  Merry, but certainly not light. Good though! Anything you can break an egg yolk over and let it flow down onto is good eats!

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