Saturday, November 6, 2021

Cold Late Night So Long Ago

BBQ  Jerk Chicken
Once you've tasted the real deal Jerk sauce, you may never want to do a traditional BBQ again.  I'm team Mexican when it comes to hot sauces but even I admit there is no contest in the vibrancy and punch that this green Jamaican heat brings.  Hands down, best ever and if done right, the sensory assault of those peppers and herbs together feel like culinary cocaine.  This guy that brought his pit master magic to Mo's bar this last winter has a banner up but I can not find anything on any website.  I wanted to find him and post fan girl accolades, express just how great his food was, how moved I was by that jerk.  Like an album that hits you instantly and you must listen to several times over and over for months, thus is the affect of his jerk.  His side dishes are pretty exceptional too, especially last time with that Rasta Pasta.  
with Mexican Corn and Potato Salad  
Mo's built yet another enclosure, which makes 4 outside structures now and that is a story in cities right now that will be remembered for decades to come.   I hope the addition of these outdoor areas can help restaurants to stay afloat during this pandemic because just like the thousands of nameless people you don't notice that have died of COVID and left us here in the city, so have many carts, mom and pop shops, dives and neighborhood eats. 
Later a Frozen Wafer Sandwich - exactly as you would imagine is how it tastes.
That morning an egg scramble with asparagus and Soyrizo with a little cheddar for good measure.  Just a few of these plant-based, meatless products tow the line and this MorningStar Farms brand is pretty great.  It's either that or I have since forgotten what real chorizo tastes like, which happens.  

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