Friday, November 19, 2021

Why Do I Give Valuable Time to People Who Don't Care if I Live Or Die?

It takes a good 45 minutes to roast these cabbage wedges to a steamy soft consistency but when you do, it's well worth the wait.  Garlic oil and balsamic vinegar over top for me and lots of chili flakes make this bird sing.
For 15 minutes, you can get your groceries delivered in Brooklyn, something I feared was coming after reading about the Manhattan Service.  Um, this is dangerous and just last night as I was riding home from work , 3 bike riders were racing to the same apartment complex to deliver God knows what someone desperately needed in 15 minutes at 10:30 at night.  They almost took me out trying to cross Atlantic Avenue and be the first to lock up their bike outside, which takes 1 or 2 of their allotted minutes.  These bikes with motors are using the bike lanes but also zipping in and out of regular traffic like ninjas.  They don't necessarily make themselves visible with proper lights, no doubt because they need to bypass most of the traffic laws in order to make their goal time.  But unlike me, while they do it, they're going at a considerably faster speed. If you've had one pass you, it takes your breath away when suddenly they are less than a foot from your face.  I want to curse them but I see they are my Mexican brothers.  I know they are just trying to make a living but Good Lordy, I about pissed myself!!!  

Where was the morality and ethics police when this service was rolled out?  This is possibly the kind of wrong doing I would get behind shutting down.   Putting vulnerable good people at risk just so you can have your Gouda cheese or Cashew Milk for your tea?  I don't mean to get down on the elite either because they're probably holding up this city right now but this service is a bad idea. People screaming about the borders better not be using it because these immigrants are the only ones I see out there willing to do these jobs. 

Fall in Brooklyn - the best idea!

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