Wednesday, November 10, 2021

If The Sun Refused To Shine

National Thai Take Out 
Just like the many things that have fallen off the list of fun things I like to do, sadly, cooking is one of them right now. What I mean to say is, it's complicated.  And hopefully temporary.  Some of us, and I suspect many more than is apparent are affected by what I see as a major paradigm shift.  I'll get to that here in a second but whilst my spiritual health wanes from Pandemic fatigue, praise be that Pork Pineapple Fried Rice in take-out form, exists a few doors down and comes with egg roll.  I feel so grateful to anyone and everyone that helps the day move easily here, like the subway operators and the produce guys, the cashier at the corner market and my Thai restaurant.  In fact, I feel the need to profess my love for my neighborhood and the whole of Brooklyn and New York.  It wasn't until recently that I realized just how much we've lost of what makes it so special, even here in our tiny one block radius.   Yes, I love food but all the little neighborhood eateries weren't just places to eat.   They made the whole area come to life with new and regular patrons.  Seeing small businesses not only survive but thrive kept an energy flowing that creative minds feed off.  

Seeing with your eyes what vitality looks like, whether for you it be a mountain range, the Sunset Strip, a pen full of chickens or a busy street corner, we are near these things to remind us we are part of the living mass.  Seeing it reassures each of us of something we already know, but can weaken.   The recent close of so many more local big and small businesses is another sign of our failing structure.  There are new places packed and that is good to see, but to me everything feels only faintly lit now. We're pretending not to be different but it can't last.   

These are things uncomfortable to speak of, for fear of conjuring fate bur I feel with every bone in my body that a significant transition has already occurred that is hard to define, but undeniable.  I know it's significant and I don't believe anything is necessarily bad, nor good.  It happened in people and to the air, maybe to every living thing.  Maybe it's a chance to move away from the dull and meaninglessness paths we've headed towards for decades. Some believe this.  Others always look for end of world scenarios.  But you'd have to be blind not to see the multitudes of impending doomsday scenarios that are lined up outside our doors.  

I don't believe its about the end at all but what we're doing right now.  I know if a meteor crashes down on us, I sure don't want my last day to be spent fretting about money or some silly job, or meaningless things like why Britney insists on dancing so oddly in her Instagram posts.  I hope to be touching a tree or enjoying a Pork and Pineapple Fried Rice lunch with eggroll. 

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