Monday, November 16, 2020

And You Can't Keep a Secret From the Ground Beneath You

Pizza Burger 
With P gone, I tried to restart my love affair with food.  Preparing meals had lost some luster during the Pandemic and has felt more a necessity than pleasure.  Ideas weren't flowing, cravings were just faint whispers.  It's a slow climb back to cooking with carefree passion again.  I hope it comes back.  Even this was a half-assed attempt.  The toasted garlic rubbed, oiled Ciabatta bread was a nice topper to this zesty pizza burger but in the end, I lost steam and only had energy to open a can of soup to serve alongside.  In better days, I would have added mushrooms, onions and possibly green olives, slathered the sauce on and definitely served a zippy, fresh side.  Meh.  I did broil the burgers and that developed the flavors. 
I took a walk around the neighborhood to get some perspective and felt the universe was trying to communicate in these abstract images.  
The shortest story ever told
An imprisoned giant stuffed elephant laying on a couch with garbage bags
An S shaped tree plant and interesting door in an abandoned building across from the underpass
A pumpkin patch graveyard
Breakfast was a bright note with yogurt, fruit and nuts

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