Wednesday, November 18, 2020

After the Boys of Summer Have Gone

It's fall and time to embrace our root vegetables and less vibrant summer pals.
Sheet pan dinners just got sexier with the addition of loose pork meat!  Apples, cabbage wedges, red onions and accordion mini potatoes all played so nicely together, each bringing their own roasted-accentuated gusto.  I put the potatoes in first, needing slightly more roasting time and then added the rest.  I tossed everything in a Dijon mustard, garlic, oil dressing with crushed oregano and red pepper flakes, rice wine vinegar, salt and pepper.  This made the sweetness of the apples and red onions burst with zesty goodness.  The pork gets this deepened meat texture and aroma.  I can't say enough of how much roasting enhances the humdrum life of ground meat.  For me this was a scientific breakthrough for home cooks that I'm sure others have done, but nobody told this girl, so I'm telling you.  
This could use a fresh green herb but other than that a dash of salt, drizzle of a good olive oil and a sprinkle of Parm on those potatoes completes a full sampler plate of taste sensations that only oven-roasting can put forward. 

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