Saturday, November 14, 2020

It's Only (Lunch) And That Is All, Why Do I Feel the Way I Do

When you cook for yourself, but not used to it, you may find it's a little harder than you think.  Every single meal I usually consider what another person likes or doesn't, and for years.  Then this week, finding myself home alone, I can make whatever I want.  These are not huge decisions, it is only lunch after all.  But in times like these, you can cross off these unique cravings, like this canned Ravioli.   I know it's totally trash food with no nutritional value, but for me, it's mentally comforting.  It's a familiar friend from the past.  It's what I need and want for this moment.  I don't even remember eating this when I was young, possibly i was allowed it when I was sick and got to stay home with my mother.  I don't know why it gives me such a thrill but it does.  I don't even doctor it up, I plop it right from the can, heat, and it's perfect.  The salty tangy pillows sliding down my throat.  The soft barely detectable meat in the center, even the color of the sauce I love.  Not quite red but a deep orange that only makes sense to a mystery Chef.  

I found this wheat free Ciabatta bread and went for the full 70's lunch of sandwich, chips and canned product.  I bought good deli smoked turkey and sliced cheese, tomato with a slather of mayo on top and mustard on bottom.  And a giant iced fresh lemon Seltzer to wash it down.   

The Gingko trees are all shedding their leaves this week, leaving a gorgeou carpet of yellow fan tails on the streets and sidewalks 

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