Tuesday, November 3, 2020

My, My, My I'm So Happy!

Check this out!  I'm always saying anything oven roasted develops the flavors to new levels, even carrots, a common cheap root vegetable.  So, when making nachos for voting day, I thought what if I season the beef as you would a rub on chicken, and then spread it evenly on a roasting pan.  I'm here to say, it was fan- tabulous!!!!  Even the best grass fed organic ground beef right now lacks in flavor, this had a very roasted meat goodness.
I took the time to fill each scoopable with meat, cheese, jalapenos and then served a fresh pico de gallo on the side to top them.

Another celebrational snack was this spicy garlic shrimp with a green goddess dipping sauce. 

There were small attempts at boarding up buildings but from what I saw, no signs of gatherings or rioting.  There wasn't even anyone at Barclays waiting in line to vote, the biggest election spot.  The stanchions and cops were there, but no people at 9am.  It would prove correct that there would be no trouble here in Brooklyn that night. 

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