Saturday, November 7, 2020

There's Gonna Be a Heartache Tonight I Know

I was just telling my sister that when Barack Obama won the presidency we literally ran down the street along with tons of other New Yorkers, yelling and screaming for joy.  There were actual tears and for days after.  Seeing my black coworkers talk about the pride it gave them was overwhelming and moving, even for a crusty heart,

Working a late shift last night I asked my mate to warn me if there was murder in the streets or mass rioting so I could make my way home early, a sign they called the race and the news was bad. 

Everything went fine that night so going into the weekend I figured we'd wait until Monday or longer to hear the news.  After a biggie breakfast suddenly we hear honking and screaming outside and run to the window.  I look on my phone to see the Breaking News.  I text my sisters and friends in celebration and once again immediately ran outside.  Within minutes thousands of people flooded the streets.  Cars were honking, trucks, delivery drivers, city busses, taxi's! As if a great weight was lifted off of each of us individually and simultaneously, the whole city erupted. 


The corners became gathering spots for groups to cheer on drivers as if they were passing the baton for a race.  The joy was infectious and many of the scenes were in a type of slow motion, the way you experience accidents.  I recall really seeing each of the faces of the rejoicers, black, white, Asian, every type of Latin, Indian, Russian, Polish, French, as they waved and cheered with the crowds from their vehicles or on the streets.  We were a city again!  This asshole was going down and even though the weeks before felt like no one was sure about the person sitting next to them on the subway or at a light, in passing cars, today we were united breathing a heavy sigh of relief.  Brooklyn, Manhattan and all the boroughs broke out in concert and that energy was undeniable.  Trump Goes Down in Brooklyn

Cute family

At one point elated little girls popped out of a car roof singing in such a way that brought an immediate reaction from the crowd.  The father who was stopped at the light, jumps out of his car and stands on his hood causing a momentary stop of traffic as folks rushed to him.  It became apparent that we were in a such a frenzy that you almost didn't know what to do with yourself.  This joy wasn't in any particular place, it just was.  And to truly experience it you just had to acknowledge it existed and it was hard not to jump up and down, run, shout and seeing it in others only broadened the experience.  Truly another key New York memory to include with a handful of others I'll never forget. 

I know there will be a lot of disappointed Trump lovers out there but America has spoken!   

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