Thursday, November 19, 2020

Be Here to Love Me Today

A slow roasted pork shoulder
I don't much like pork anymore but I do love the smell of roasting meat, so much so that it's almost worth making an aromatic shoulder just to get that scent to fill the apartment.  
P loves pork and coincidentally a vat of meat for him provides satisfaction in another way.  The knowing that it's there waiting for him is comforting.  I think it serves some primitive anxiety from thousands of generations ago when men needed to go fetch their dinner in the wild.  Probably when they discovered they could dry meat or hang it in a tree from predators, it was a relief and allowed them time to become artists.  However all of this being said, I am reducing the amount of meat in our diets, mine more so just because my body is starting to reject it.  
Even though some might find this a horrible display, in reality a slow roasted pig is a beautiful, sacred thing.  Or it can be.  Whether it be a head of lettuce or the butt of pork, I think now more than ever you need to really honor the food that provides for you.  In the preparation, the handling and finally the serving and eating.  This little guy did not go to waste and was highly appreciated.

Originally not intended to be eaten, only worshipped "Highness" was a pig given to me and created by Hope Silverman and I have her proudly displayed in my living room as a reminder to honor our food always.  

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