Thursday, November 12, 2020

When the World is Running Down, You Make the Best of What's Still Around

P left for another road trip and I boarded the subway on a cold and rainy morning bound for work.  Lots of school children and some of what I'll call middle-income looking folks were back on the train as well.  The 6 foot rule was impossible now in the crowded car where people turned to face another direction or look down in lieu of distancing.  All efforts were squashed after the Hoyt-Schermerhorn crowd boarded and flooded every open space. Several eyes were on a young woman that had her mask down below her nose, chewing gum and taking in long snot filled sniffs,  looking at her phone screen less than a foot from a group of us.  She gripped the pole with her bare hands and I have to believe we were all just waiting for her to sneeze or something horrible.  Eyes darted all around to further survey the other fellow passengers.  With nothing but quick glances, you could almost read minds.  It was going through mine as well.  No one would dare say anything, the city subways are pretty void of Karen's but it doesn't mean we're all not thinking, Good Lord gal, pull up that damn mask please!  An elderly woman who seemed the most bothered, excused herself right on down to the other side of the passenger car.  Could it make the difference in an unventilated space like a crowded subway car?  Pretty sure the answer is yes.  

The walk from the train provided loads of fresh air and a quick cut through the park. 
A collection of lunch meals from our staff cafeteria this week.  I tried to make a diary of every single article of food that I put in my body but it quickly became the list of shame.  When you look at it all together, it's no wonder I don't feel so great.  Like this pasta and a thousand meatballs for lunch.  I passed on the garlic bread which at the time felt heroic.  Then there was the crispy fried chicken wings and mac and cheese.  I knew this was a horrible decision but I couldn't help myself.  Or I should say I didn't stop myself.  My self, was there saying, I hear ya babe! While my mind listed ALL the reasons it was a grand idea.  You work hard girl!  MMmmhmmm, that's right.  The world could end tomorrow you know.  Them meatballs is tiny!  Whatchu gonna do, turn down that pork?  Oh no honey, we got to have us some of That to-day! Pfft, them chicken wings ain't gonna hurt nobody, you go and gitchu some!  Gee, after putting my thoughts to words, I think my mind might not be hispanic. 

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