Thursday, November 5, 2020

Something Is Happening Here But You Don't Know What It Is

Yet another version of Chicken and Rice.  This time with chicken thigh pieces, mushrooms, yogurt and spinach.  The rice was the last of the 3 containers of the black, Jasmine and wild varieties.  Great fun, stove top creation. 

As the world awaits the results of this nail biter election, most folks I know get failing grades on dealing with the wave of negativity in the air, including me.  I wanted to take my boxcutter to a Frenchman's neck today.  I feel bad now but at the time it was everything I could do to not follow through on my urges.  I could hear him giving my coworker a hard time about every single detail of his order.  Then have the nerve to complain about the time it was taking after stepping off to take several 'important' phone calls that we all had to hear.  The worst happened when that coworker, who has a weak bladder, asked me to finish with his customer so he could take a break.  So, I'll admit, for whatever reason I do not have great luck with the French.  I had no preconceived notions of them before this job and I'm sure it's just a fluke but we butt heads, often.  I can't explain it and certainly not proud of my part.  

He starts with this familiar self righteous tone, whining about our company and all it's faults.  All of which I agree with but the difference is that I have to be there, he has a choice where to shop and by his appearance I'd say he was slumming it.  At this point I'm still trying to stay in the light.   To answer his issues, I give my now famous, Well, we are in a Pandemic list of excuses, which are also valid but getting old as the issues are getting worse.  It takes a turn when he then goes off about how the virus is blown way out of proportion.  That he has many friends that had it and they all said it was simply a light version of a cold, then it was over.  I say firmly, That wasn't the case here months ago,  when if he recalls, 800 people were dying a day.  That I had it and it was no cold, believe me, thinking that would end it for any reasonable person.   He waves his hand dismisively, You probably just got scared in the most condescending voice.  He started to go further and so I interrupted him and in my most stern voice said, Several of my coworkers had family members die, so keep your voice down and please be respectful.  After that he has the balls to continue and tells me he knows a doctor that says it's not as bad as people say.  So I got up and walked away.  I told someone else to help him and he never even understood what happened, as they guided him out of his chair away from my desk and to yet another coworker.  No one has affected me like this in a long while and it only really lasted until I got home because riding is amazing for stress relief.  After I rode I took this picture to look at myself because I felt like my eyes were on fire. 

That morning I had spent time meditating at the water, one of my favorite things to do and spots to do it.  

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