Thursday, March 31, 2016

Look Around, This is Your Hometown (Bar-B-Que)

Hometown Bar-B-Que Red Hook, Brooklyn
Barbecue so good that I rode home from work, and then came back into the neighborhood just to sample the legendary fare.  This platter of meat was everything and it was only one of many.
Someone had a camera that took tiny polaroids.  Interesting.  Why tho?
Warm and super delicious corn bread with just that right amount of sweet which is not much for me.
It's hard to get excited about chicken when there is brisket, beef ribs and pulled pork in the room but dress 'em up in these cute little pickled red onions and guacamole, smoke and char them on the grill and you know what, I think there is just enough room for you over here sweetheart.  Why don't you just jump right on that plate.
Did I mention some outrageous Texas style Mac and Queso? Whiskey sour pickles and Hometown slaw that held it's own amongst the brawn.
At the end shared bites of Banana Cream Pudding that I argued was made fresh.  This was a late night, semi-planned dinner, meaning we planned it but not sure who told the restaurant.  The Chef came out and instead of us ordering separate dinners decided last minute to just bring out a shit load of platters which quickly became my favorite idea of the night.

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