Wednesday, March 30, 2016

And I'm Willing To Die for My Colors

Nerd Alert!  Every year I wait for the week that these trees go 100% white on Columbia Street in Carroll Gardens West.  About 5 blocks straight of angelic cottony overhang.  I ride my bike directly under the center and look up and it's like a shower of smiles.  It's a stupid busy street with tons of potholes so it's tricky and a little dangerous but it's worth it.  And even though they're beautiful during all phases, there is only a couple of days if not one where you could catch them entirely white.  One side of the street may have more sun and start changing more quickly than the rest.  Basically that is what happened this year.  I couldn't get that perfect shot.  But regardless, these blooms kick off the spring camera opportunities.  The flowering trees get you excited that things are really changing.  Not only the landscape but life is going to be filled with the solutions to solve all your problems.  Uh huh, it's all true! Spring is hope and change and fresh and new.  The dreary black and grey color scheme starts to morph into a less dismal view.  Nothing is impossible again.
And the food must reflect that as well.  I had some leftover steak that I cut into super thin slices to make a beef with broccoli over red rice.  
Yellow bell peppers and carrots helped to bring the more festive hues.
With my colors upon me one soldier stands tall.  I'm quoting Ice T.  I must be tired.

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