Sunday, March 27, 2016

Too Much Living Is No Way to Die, Loose String

Every year I make my boyfriend who is now my husband a special dinner for his brithday.  I think the best gifts are ones that are made.  I do feel that way but in reality I do it because the stuff he really wants cost a shit load of money and I wouldn't be qualified to buy, like a new mixer or special mics.  Basically I know there is not much I could give him that he cares about... so, I make food.  He doesn't like or feel comfortable making a celebration out of the day of his birth. But I think it's important to respect and reflect on the day, like any other big holiday.  So now having gone through like 26 of these, I'm still trying to wear my little party hat while being respectful of his wishes.  I think about this meal and choose specific elements just for him.  And if asked, I like to think I could lay down reasons for each one.
Okay, I'll tell you!  We don't eat beef on the regular, so I wanted to make a nice rib-eye steak, pan seared with no sauce or extras, just a well cooked, well seasoned steak.  I am not comfortable handling thick man meat on my tiny Barbie stove, but I researched for days and found a good recipe that could work giving my heat limitations.
I chose beef because it signifies something real.  To me it has always represented being alive and being strong.  Definitely a wish I have for him.
He had a major health issue a couple of years ago and I realized I could lose him.  More than that, I guess I realized that I will lose him one day.  That's some bullshit right there. A real eye opener but not just him but realizing people in my life are not guaranteed to be there.  A recurring lesson since. They are gifts in themselves.

He's been enjoying potatoes again so I made this Herbed Potatoes Anna with Gruyere cheese, super simple but deeeeelicious!  Potatoes are honest food and have the connection with the dirt and one's roots.
I started off with these baked stuffed jalapeno halves with fresh pico de gallo.  These are tasty little bites that I've been making versions of forEVer, like how long we've been together.  I used a small diced hard chorizo crisped up, garlic, sharp cheddar cheese and a little onion. If anything, this dish represents me.
I made a spicy Broccoli Rabe with Parmesan and pine nuts for the green. Broccoli Rabe is very bitter but invigorating and you always feel like someone shot you up with vitamins when you eat it.
For dessert I made carrot cake cream cheese bars which is a mash up of the traditional cake he loves and my desire for swirly things made into snack size.
I celebrate his birthday almost selfishly because I recognize that he's really a gift that was given to me.

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