Saturday, March 12, 2016

Hello Darkness My Old Friend

I'll never stop wishing for a better way to survive than riding into work in the beautiful morning and not coming out until night time. Not being able to witness the day, the weather, spend some time outdoors, and breathe in fresh air.  Even though, there was a gorgeous half moon that I failed to capture but was worth seeing this night.  Plus it's all quiet and still at night and when I'm biking I can just stop wherever and take it all in.  That's a cool thing.  I mean it's quiet because no one in their right mind is out in Red Hook by the water late at night.
And in the crisp cold morning I was able to watch a little of the construction on one of the new buildings I'm obsessed with that looks like Noah's Arc.  I still enjoy myself but spending whole days trapped inside a big box is no way to live your life.  Truth.

Since I had a little extra time in the morning before I left for prison, I made poached eggs over jacked up black eyed peas with fresh jalapeno slices for heat.

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