Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Oh What Can it Mean to a Daydream Believer

Once in awhile I obsess with getting the creamiest, softest scrambled eggs using the least amount of butter or fat possible without giving up any of the silkiness.  This was a late night dinner when eggs are unexpected so they actually take on a whole different sensation.  Sort of like how great it is to have your clown clothes on in the middle of a would be work day. I have long sleeve idiot band promo shirts from years ago that I have worn to perfect cottony softness perfection, just for these occasions. Fuzzy thick socks and the outfit is complete.
I freshened up my leftover cabbage salad with lemon zest and just, new tomatoes and it was a great side for the roasted potatoes and chicken apple sausage.

Unfortunately, this wasn't a non work day.  I caught myself daydreaming out the windows and shopping when I was supposed to be doing whatever it is I do before the store opens.

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