Monday, March 28, 2016

Look At All You'll Derive Out of Being Alive

Catching up with my posts from what seems like light years ago.  A grand day out. The perpetrators: Hope and Rodney.  I usually don't use real names but now I forget why not, so I guess there goes that. Our meeting spot: Ramen-Ya the West Village location.  Rodney found it and thank God for that because I can't handle the responsibility of picking Manhattan restaurants.  Way too many choices.  The most I could do was to get myself there on the agreed upon time.
Which I did!  I believe Rodney got the Musashi, Tonkotsu Pork Soup
Hope, the Yasai, the Vegetable Ramen.  Probably more vegetables than she's eaten in her life.
And I had the Kojiro, the Shoyu Spicy.   So good.  The broth was divine like the pee of 10,000 cherubs.
Moonstruck Diner for desserts and nonsense.  Carrot Cake that looked great but I couldn't tell if it was based off of Hope's facial expression after first bite.  I was gonna ask her but I had a warm pie in my face.
Apple...and ala mode, which did satisfy.
Oddly Rodney got a Banana Split Shake, possibly immediately regretting his choice.  I didn't ask. That can be a personal grieving moment.  Maybe it was good, who knows.  We were too deep in gossip at that point. During dessert he took us through the night of his heart attack.  Even though he tells it with humor and lightness, the sequence of events stuck with me all night.  How scary that must have been for him.  The during, the afterwards, the healing, the life change.  It struck me that we were all changed from who we were 10 years ago in profound ways but then again, the same kid-like schmucks we once were too.
Lovely, awesome, adorable schmucks.

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