Sunday, April 3, 2016

Another Glimpse of the Madman Across the Water

Best yet baked chicken tenders.  Dipped in seasoned flour, then an egg wash, then chili sprinkled crushed corn flakes mixed with Panko crumbs. Thin sliced the breast meat and pounded it out then soaked it in milk and Louisiana Hot Sauce beforehand. Topped them with fresh pico de gallo.
My nephew sent me a record that I made mention of on a FB post that was featured in a yard sale across the country.  What a thoughtful thing to do!  Takes a lot of effort to mail something out these days. Caring is a lost art. Plus a trip to the post office, get the box, tape, find the address.  What are considered modern day hassles.  He had no idea how much he had sent me because there is So much life attached to this album and these early Elton John recordings for me.  Elton John was music that my sister Rachel and I discovered ourselves.  Since we grew up with the many and awesome musical influences of our older brothers and sisters and parents, we learned to seek out music that moved us and Elton was sort of our first musical frontier solo. After the bubblegum bullshit that is.  I combed over every detail of his offerings while slightly inebriated.  My sister was more social than me.  I would more often than not take time off school for personal days.  My dad always had great stereo systems to play his Tex-Mex records that just needed slight knob adjustments to be able to accommodate my new sounds.  So many mornings after my parents left for work would I lay on my back with the album in hand in front of the large wooden stereo furniture just listening and daydreaming.  Finally there was a placeholder for all of my personal feelings and thoughts.
This morning a getting ready for spring breakfast featuring orange pepper potatoes with green eggs and bacon.

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