Monday, April 4, 2016

Even the Losers, Get Lucky Sometimes

On one of the bleakest blocks of my commute there appeared my 100% white leafed trees!  I once a year spectacle only available for a day or two at most. I thought I had missed the opportunity and yet there it was. Never give up on your small lame wishes.
My crispy baked chicken thigh recipe is getting tiresome but it's just so damn good that I couldn't resist.  White meat was never my thing but done & seasoned right, can be a juicy, unblemished consistency perfection.
I'll say it. Bok Choy is healing.  It just is. And it's comforting.  Talk about juicy.  Whatever bursts out of that stuff must be straight from the gods.  Unlike other steamed vegetables, this one is a giver.
My last accompaniment to the plate was my neverending attempt to make my mom's famous Mexican rice using good long grain brown rice instead of the white short grain.  Almost but not quite there yet.  It needs more cooking time to get tender enough, possibly a final bake off in the oven will do it.  I'm getting closer. though.  The other hardship is getting the flavors just right.  White is like a blank canvass whereas there is good bite, texture and nuttiness to the brown.  The spices need adjusting to compliment and not mask its natural attributes.
I will get this right before I die off.  It's a promise to self.

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