Thursday, September 24, 2015

These Boots Were Made for Walkin'

You used to hear housewives talk about needing new dinner ideas.  Getting stuck in a rut of meatloaf and chicken. Now there are a thousand times more interesting food recipes and yet, one can still get a little stuck.  I mean it requires creative thought, prep, supplies and more thought!
Everyday grocery items for me include lots of chicken and ground turkey and tons of vegetables but I'm not ready to let go of my meat grip, just yet.  It's coming but I just.... can't.  Ground meat for days right now!  Burgers always sound good though, thank goodness.  But I secretly feel like I fail a bit every time I'm forming those patties.
P buys these hummus containers all the time, in all these great flavors. He eats half of them and then buys and opens new ones.  Sigh.  I thought to stuff my turkey burgers with black olives and leftover hummus, then top with more green olives and red onions.
Nice!  A girl's Got to have new ideas.  God forbid you don't continue to progress.  New & different.  New and different.  And the band played on.  Do you remember when people used to wear shoes until they were so old and worn?  Dirty and scuffed up. It was the norm of the late 60s, early 70s.  My class in grade school had some of the gnarliest shoes.  The soles of John Herandeen's cheap peeling loafers flapped for months before he got a new pair of the same ugly ass KMart specials.  But that didn't stop him from sliding across that parking lot with those plastic heels all goofy with that toothy grin.  And cars.  You would see these seedy, weather-beaten, shabby vehicles puttering down the road.  Doors couldn't open except by the expert hands of the driver. Windows shattered. Primed but never to be painted jobbies.  And sounds.  Some of the noises cars made, like sick with bad colds.  And there was no shame in that. If it ran, that was the purpose, the rest was fluff.  It was just how it was.
Now some people judge you by the new on your shoes. Some wouldn't be caught dead in a dirty sneaker.  And I haven't seen anything but sparkly fresh cars for years lining the streets in the latest models.
In general it seems everyone is also more and more polished.  My gray hair is getting all wiry and wild. It's way too long and for some reason, I really dig that.  I like shoes that form to a person's foot.  I love imperfections in people's smiles and teeth.
And in that same vein, I also love food with a little story. Or dishes that come out great but use leftovers or common unsexy vegetables.  In the end we're all dirt and dust.  Why stray so far from our truth?

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