Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Coat of Many Colors

Everything just keeps growing and moving and getting bigger, changing and morphing and rebuilt and painted over and paved and spackled.   You wonder how anything could ever possibly work with all these with layers upon layers. Nothing ever truly cleared and leveled, cleaned and properly prepared for the new. Just another tier added. Subways and underground rivers and endless pipes, miles of wires in apartments that go nowhere.  A street has a sink hole and they just pour another slab over the void. A quick fix. The cars will pound it down. New York is a long running permanent chaos filled with band aid repairs to it's main structure. But it somehow works the majority of the time. I'm inspired by the way, like nature it just continues to continue.  Imperfect yet still majestic.  It is never as it was yet pieces may be hundreds of years old just coexisting with the new.  Like little ants we've created more space just by building up higher.  It is everyone and no one in particular.
Seeking ideas for yet another burger dinner, I created a layered turkey patty with a roasted cauliflower steak as the foundation, a nice avocado relish, a thick grilled red onion and tomato slice on top.  A tall meal but surprisingly light and perfect.  

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